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How can Boyd Hunter solve my staffing needs?

We realize the importance of qualified, competent employees. Our services are customized to fit your needs offering a number of placement options:

Direct Hire:

Commonly used for managerial and highly skilled technical personnel, this placement option utilizes Boyd Hunter’s recruiting and screening process, yet allows the candidate to be employed immediately with your company.

Temporary to Hire:

This placement is most common type with our client businesses in order to observe our employees in action and decide whether they fit well into the environment and position prior to hiring. It’s easy and the employee may be hired at the customer’s convenience any time after 520 hours (approximately 90 days).


There are times when your company will experience the need for temporary staffing; in times of peak production, seasonal employment, medical leaves, and more. Boyd Hunter can provide employees to fit these short term demands. As in our temporary to hire placements, we assume all expenses of employee overhead.

Employee Payroll:

At times you may find an employee but do not wish to assume the immediate costs involved in hiring directly. This option supplies the same opportunity as the temporary to hire placement with an employee that you choose to refer to Boyd Hunter. With employee payrolling, you may hire at any time.


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