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Any company’s personnel are the life-blood of their business. They directly control the productivity and success of the company. Situations such as employee turnover, medical leaves, vacations, special projects, or peak times of year can severely influence stable operations and quality production. This is what makes Boyd Hunter such an important service to the business

There are occasions when an employee shortage causes a company to scramble in order to meet a deadline. Our professional, administrative, general production and industrial candidates are fully screened and qualified to be of maximum benefit to your business. For complete
information on how you can benefit from our personalized service, contact us.

We realize the importance of qualified, competent employees and their contribution to the continued success of your company.

How We Solve Your Staffing Needs

We Find the Best Fit for YOU…

Your staffing needs are our concern. Our services are customized to fit your needs.

The comprehensive services we offer are: Direct Hire, Temporary to Hire, Temporary and Employee Payrolling.

As a new client, we take the time to understand your company’s staffing needs. We make every effort to meet with you at a convenient time to tour your facility and learn more about your company culture and the open position.

As a repeat client we are familiar with your company and make every effort to keep in touch with your changing business needs, incorporating them into your company profile.

Our candidates will have completed our application process which includes identification and employment verification, thorough screening, and any applicable testing.

Good People, Great Jobs

Recruiting and Hiring

  • Personal interview with each applicant
  • Careful screening of skills to match your company’s needs
  • Client specific testing of candidates
  • Employer reference checks

We Assume Expenses of Employee Overhead

  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Wisconsin unemployment tax
  • Federal unemployment tax
  • FICA tax
  • Benefits

Placement Procedure

  • When we consider a candidate for placement in your business, your company name remains confidential until the individual is determined to be a viable candidate.
  • Upon placement confirmation, orientation is conducted. Orientation includes a review of job duties, work schedule, employer expectations, timekeeping, emergency notification procedures, compensation practices, and benefits. We can include other orientation information upon your request.

Pay Rate, Bill Rate, and Billing Procedures

  • Our bill rate is competitive in the industry.
  • Overtime is paid when an employee works over 40 hours within a one-week time period, Monday through Sunday.
  • Employees are paid on a weekly basis. Invoices will be generated and issued at that time.

Staffing Options

Direct Hire

Commonly used for managerial, professional and highly skilled technical personnel, this placement option utilizes Boyd Hunter’s recruiting and screening process, yet allows the candidate to be employed immediately with your company.

Temporary to Hire

This placement is beneficial and most common in that you have 520 hours or more, to observe the employee in action and decide whether they fit well into the environment and position prior to hiring. It’s as easy as a phone call or email to place the employee on your payroll after 520 hours.


There are times when your company will experience the need for temporary staffing; in times of peak production, seasonal employment, medical leaves, and more. Boyd Hunter can provide employees to fit these short term demands. As in our temporary to hire placements, we assume all expenses of employee overhead.

Employee Payroll

At times you may find an employee but do not wish to assume the immediate costs involved in hiring directly. This option supplies the same opportunity as the temporary to hire placement with an employee that you choose to refer to Boyd Hunter. With employee payrolling, you may hire at any time.

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